Native French Graphic Designer, I see design with rhythms and fun, inspired by the strangest dreams and sounds but in the same time with a serious path and meticulous awareness. Full of secret energy, I’m always eager to learn more and more. Passion is what drives my mojo and traveling is my inspiration.

Born in France, living my childhood in a tiny west suburban city of Paris area, my education were first oriented towards Business but I soon changed to something I always felt like doing, studying Art. I went to the studios of Sèvres in Paris to complete my skills in drawings and discover the amazing world of photography. Then during 3 years, I pursued my education into Fine Arts at the University of Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris through a program I could study from home and have full-time jobs. My eager to learn about Graphic Designer brought me to the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago where I attended the Graphic Design courses for 3 years. That last I interned in a small marketing and creative agency in Chicago. Back in France, I worked as an Art Director and Junior then Senior Graphic Designer in in-house Communication Departments and Advertising and Promotion Department. I freelanced as well and got herself involved into an Association dedicated to develop board sports for women. After 3 years I first decided to go live in Barcelona for 4 months to inhale all the great inspiration this city can offer before heading back to Chicago for another 6 months to complete my general classes I had left and finish my program to graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. I obtained my diploma with honors. While attending the school I occasionally freelanced and became a member of STA and AIGA in which I actively attended meetings and participated to events.

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